Blogging & Marketing, How to use a blog for your Etsy Store!


If you visit the forums of Etsy on any given day, 90% of the questions you will see have to do with either “What am I doing wrong”, “How can I improve my sales”, or “How do my tags look”. What it all boils down to is Marketing and SEO!

A few days ago I blogged a little about SEO and gave a brief summary about what I know about the subject. The whole idea is to get found, and to generate traffic. If you were thinking about opening a brick and mortar store, where would you want to rent your storefront at? Would you rather be on a major thoroughfare, or some secluded little out of the way place?

Well I guess we all now the answer to that one. On the Internet you have the opportunity to be on one of the busiest streets in the world, where anyone, from any country can pass by and walk into your shop. LOL and the rent here is a whole lot cheaper than Main Street in any town, sort of!

The cost of rent on the Internet isn’t measured in dollars near as much as it measured in sweat equity, so to speak. It’s a lot of work getting to the top (those first page listings), and even more staying there.

Lately I’ve been reading some post on the Etsy Forum asking about Blogs and are they worth the time. Well to be honest everything is what you put into it! If you start off without a plan and go at it for two or three weeks then quit, well then, NO, it isn’t worth your time. Nothing is an overnight success. But there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of success.

First of all you need to have an understanding of SEO, the same things that gets your product close to the top of Etsy’s search will get your blog found by the major search engines. So titles, tags and content is important. Next you need to write about things that will interest people. This is really the biggest part, because if you can’t grab the reader’s interest and hold them there, there is really no use.

You need to tell a story, tell jokes, and offer tidbits of information which are useful. I have read scores of really great blogs from Etsy writers, each one having their own style and format. There is really no wrong or right way to do it. Some post DIY information or recipes, some tell stories about the hunt for just the right vintage article to resell, while others focus on featuring other shops in Esty. To be honest they are all great stories, They grab your attention and hold you there through the end.

My blog, when I’m not trying to help other members out with ways to market their products, is more along the lines of history, I really am a big history buff, LOL I could go into a story right now about how a lady named Pollyann who saved the settlement of the town where I grew up during an Indian attack but I’ll save that for another story.

So anyway, once you get your writing style down and you have good content, just how do you get found? The Internet is full of FREE avenues to shout out to. I’m sure you have thought about Tweeter, and Facebook but there are so many others. Professional sites such as LinkedIn, News sites such as DiggStumbupon, Reddit. and add links through sited such as Delicious, just to name a few of the social networks you can join and post to.

Ok then, now you have good content, and you are listed in Social Networks, how do you get found by Search Engines? Well there is the natural process, a few months down the line you might get found, if you have your tags just right, and enough people are visiting everyday, OR maybe you could stack the cards in your favor!

I’m going to say one word “PING”. When you ping your blog you are telling search engines that your there, You are inviting them to crawl your site and rank you. If you have the parts of SEO it is like a fast track to Main Street with free rent!

There really is a lot involved, and it is not an easy task, you have to be diligent and persistent, but with hard work you can get on top!

Check out my Vintage Shop on Etsy EstatesInTime, and Thank you for reading my Blog


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