Growing Your Presents Through Social Networking

Social Networking

So I have talked a little about SEO and Blogging in a few of my posts so far, but what else can we do to help our Etsy shops? I spend a good bit of time reading and commenting in the Etsy forums, in fact some of the ideas I get to write about in my Blog comes from the forums. So I felt like touching on the subject of social networking might be the obvious next step in this line of articles.

After all, what is a forum other than a social gathering of people asking questions, and discussing matters which are important to them?

Some reoccurring questions I see over and over are “Does Instagram work for your shop?”, “How many sales do you get from Pinterest?”, “Do you get many views from Facebook?”, or “Has Twitter helped your shop?”.

Well, the best answer to these questions is subjective. According to how it’s used socializing can both help or hurt a business. Take for example, your meeting someone for the first time. That first impression can be the start of a great friendship, or just another encounter never remembered. Or even worst an encounter that leaves a desire to never repeat.

The idea or propose of socializing for business is to engage peoples interest. To give them something they can use, and to gain their trust. Basically using a social network is about selling yourself more than selling your product.

Ask questions, questions that really matter to the way you do business or to the products you sell. Then respond to the questions, let people know you’re a real person and that you value their opinions.

Give insights into things that are related to your product. Let’s say you have a business where you sell hand tied fishing lures, offer sections on your social page which links to lake water levels, or state fishing license requirements.

Run contest or trivia games, in other words make your social page a fun, informative site they will to visit again. By doing these things and using links to your shop, blog and any of the social networks you decide to use you not only improve your image to the public, you also improve all of your linking sites SEO.

Thank you for reading my Blog and check back soon for follow ups or follow me to be notified as new updates are added, and don’t forget to visit my Vintage store at Estates In Time.


2 thoughts on “Growing Your Presents Through Social Networking

  1. Lana

    It is a such a current topic and I done my personal research before. Overall, I see more visitors comes from Pinterest, then Facebook and so on… but I don’t use twitter or instagram yet.
    let me know what is your best platform?

    1. brbarnwell Post author

      I’ve used Facebook before in a brick and motar business with a lot of success, but just getting started setting things up for my Etsy shop.

      The one thing I can say is by using more than 1 social network and tying it all together through links will help the SEO effort on the web.


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