Let’s Talk About Color




So just what is your favorite color? If I had to guess I would bet you just thought of the color blue. If I ask you which color you thought of when I mentioned love, or anger, or even danger I’m sure you would say red. What if I ask you to describe the environment or wealth as a color, green, right? 

Colors have a way of invoking emotions in each one of us. Often without us even realizing it.

Warning Color

Which color grabs your eye first in the picture above? There’s a reason warning signs along the road are yellow. Governments and businesses have been using colors to get our attentions and to spike our emotions throughout time.

Think about it, what are the colors used in the signage and advertisements of most fast food restaurants? Red and yellow right? What about companies that want to invoke feelings of trust, stability, or peacefulness?

Companies such as American Express, Forbes, and Princess Cruises use the color blue to give us these feelings.

Colors have been researched and found to have so much effect on our subconscious that sports teams have been known to paint the locker rooms used by visiting teams a bright pink due to its ability to drain players of their competitive energy and its calming effect.

So how can you use this information to help you with marketing your products?

First you need to think about your target audience. Different cultures perceive colors in different ways, western cultures associate black with death and morning, while eastern cultures the color white has these meanings.

Children are drawn to bright, bold primary colors, yet if you are marketing these products to their grandparents you might choose more subtle blues or greens to solicit trust or feelings of a fresh new product.

Below are some general associations western cultures have to colors.

Red – excitement, strength, passion, speed, and danger.

 Blue – trust, belonging, reliability, and coolness.

Yellow – happiness, sunshine, cheer, and warmth.

Orange – playfulness, vibrant, and warmth.

Green – nature, fresh, cool, growth, and abundance.

Purple – spiritual, royalty, and dignity.

Pink – softness, sweetness, nurturing and security.

White – purity, cleanliness, and mildness.

Black – mystery, sophistication, and elegance.

Colors and color combinations can greatly effect customers buying habits. Shades of red to orange, black, and royal blue tends to attract impulse shoppers. While pink, baby blue, and navy seems to attract a smarter, more budget minded customer.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my latest post, and it helps with your marketing success. Feel free to stop by my facebook page and visit my vintage shop  Estates In Time.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Color

  1. Vallon des Trésors

    Very interesting what colors can do to our mindsets, and their symbolic’s. I would say that the reason the yellow bit in the picture caught my attention, was not because it is yellow, but because it has a very different shape from the others.


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