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Moving to My Own Dot Com


So I decided to move my blog, Over the past month and a half I have posted 17 articles here on WordPress.com and now I feel that it is time to move this blog to a domain of it’s own.

WordPress dot com was a great place to get started and to play around with while deciding if I was going to keep up my blog. but when I started weighing my options it came clear that getting my own domain and hosting package was the way to go.

Wordpress Graph


So it was clear, setting up my own hosting package was the thing to do financially. Alright, now the next thing,  how important is a name? Sure I wanted EstatesInTime, but what about the extension? Right now there is somewhere around 400 different extensions on the market. While a large number of these have restrictions, quiet a few of them might be cool to use with a blog. Blog.info, Blog.buzz, Blog.cool, or even Blog.guru, over the last few years there has been an explosion of new domain extensions released, some of them unbelievably expensive.

But which one is best and why? What was the first thing you thought of when I mentioned moving my blog? Was it EstatesInTime.com? Dot com is the oldest, most respected, and easiest remembered extension even to this day. That in itself tells me I should want the .com extension, And still another reason is that many of today’s browsers search for dot com by default. These two reasons gives the dot com more value than any other extension, and while I have no plans to sale my domain name, if in the future I should decide to, owning the .com gives me far more resale potential than any other one would.

So I know the name I want, EstatesInTime.com, next I needed to figure out where I was going to buy the name and host my blog. There are numerous hosting companies out there.

This list is in alphabetical order and is not intended as a review or endorsement.

Need more affordable hosting? Great plans ON OFFER! Free domains & more included.Need more affordable hosting? Great plans ON OFFER! Free domains & more included.
 One year for $0.99 a month then $5.99 per month. 20 MySQL 5 Databases (1 Gb each), 100 Gb of Web Storage, Unlimited Traffic, 1 Free Domain Name, and Georedundancy.

WordPress Hosting  First month $12.49, renews for $24.99 per month, 100 million visits per month, 2 Gb of Ram, 30 Gb Web Storage, Manage 5 WordPress sites, on 1 IP Address, 1 Free Domain Name, Enhanced Control Panel, and 24/7 Support.

Dreamhost Web Hosting $8.95 per month,  Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Web Storage, and Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases.

GoDaddy.com...helping small businesses get bigger!  One year for $1.00 a month then renews at $6.99 per month, 25000 visits per month, 100 Gb of Web Storage, Free Domain Name, Nightly Backups, Redundant firewalls, malware scanning and DDoS protection, 24/7 Support and and Free Google Ad, Bing Ad, Facebook ad and Fotolia Photo Credits.

Professional Hosting from Just Host $4.95/month - Unlimited disk space and transfers and host unlimited domains  A special deal of $3.50 per month if you signup for 48 months, Free Domain Name, Unlimited Web Storage, 24/7 Support, Free Script Library, and Unlimited Email accounts.

While all of these offers seem pretty good, I chose to go with Go Daddy, mostly because of past history and being happy with the service I had received before.

Once I got my Domain name (www.estatesintime.com) and had my site setup, it was time to transfer my archived post over to the new site. Doing this was amazingly simple.  Having never done this before a 5 minute phone call to Go Daddy support was all it took. The Support Tech I reached (Jason) walked me through 4 easy steps.

  • Open my WordPress.com assount.
  • Then on the Dashboard under Tools, Click Export   (This downloaded all of my files to my computer)
  • Open my new Hosted WordPress dot Com
  • Then on that Dashboard under Tools, Click Import   (This ask me for the file I has just downloaded and I was done).

The next thing I wanted out of my own Blog site was a way to embed my Etsy Shop into my blog, At this point in time I wasn’t really interested with keeping up with the inventory in two stores, especially two stores tying to sell the same things. Plus the idea of dealing with my own shopping cart didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to me.

After an evening of digging around and playing with different codes I found on my favorite cheat sheet W3schools  I came across a plugin from Fairground Media, Etsypro. This was an easy fix to my problems and I was able to get my shop set up in just a couple hours.

I was able to re-size my thumbnails so that they what worked with the theme I had selected for my blog and I was able to install different pages for each of the selection pages of my Etsy Shop.

The one thing I haven’t gotten around to yet, is working with the SEO on my new Blog page. Which brings me to one more product I would like to mention, I Business Promoter. I have used this software to get into the first page of search pages on Google, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo many times in the past.

Each one of these search engines have their own algorithms which makes it extremely hard to figure out how to perform well on all of them, yet this tool is the only software on the market which offers a money back guarantee. If you use this software and don’t get into the top 10 they refund your money!

So I guess I’ve reached the end of this long post tonight, and I hope you find some of this information useful, But don’t forget this is my last post here on estatesintime.wordpress.com So bookmark the new website for Estates In Time, and don’t forget to re-subscribe so you will continue to get updates sent to your email.

Thank you for reading my blog.



Blogging & Marketing, How to use a blog for your Etsy Store!


If you visit the forums of Etsy on any given day, 90% of the questions you will see have to do with either “What am I doing wrong”, “How can I improve my sales”, or “How do my tags look”. What it all boils down to is Marketing and SEO!

A few days ago I blogged a little about SEO and gave a brief summary about what I know about the subject. The whole idea is to get found, and to generate traffic. If you were thinking about opening a brick and mortar store, where would you want to rent your storefront at? Would you rather be on a major thoroughfare, or some secluded little out of the way place?

Well I guess we all now the answer to that one. On the Internet you have the opportunity to be on one of the busiest streets in the world, where anyone, from any country can pass by and walk into your shop. LOL and the rent here is a whole lot cheaper than Main Street in any town, sort of!

The cost of rent on the Internet isn’t measured in dollars near as much as it measured in sweat equity, so to speak. It’s a lot of work getting to the top (those first page listings), and even more staying there.

Lately I’ve been reading some post on the Etsy Forum asking about Blogs and are they worth the time. Well to be honest everything is what you put into it! If you start off without a plan and go at it for two or three weeks then quit, well then, NO, it isn’t worth your time. Nothing is an overnight success. But there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of success.

First of all you need to have an understanding of SEO, the same things that gets your product close to the top of Etsy’s search will get your blog found by the major search engines. So titles, tags and content is important. Next you need to write about things that will interest people. This is really the biggest part, because if you can’t grab the reader’s interest and hold them there, there is really no use.

You need to tell a story, tell jokes, and offer tidbits of information which are useful. I have read scores of really great blogs from Etsy writers, each one having their own style and format. There is really no wrong or right way to do it. Some post DIY information or recipes, some tell stories about the hunt for just the right vintage article to resell, while others focus on featuring other shops in Esty. To be honest they are all great stories, They grab your attention and hold you there through the end.

My blog, when I’m not trying to help other members out with ways to market their products, is more along the lines of history, I really am a big history buff, LOL I could go into a story right now about how a lady named Pollyann who saved the settlement of the town where I grew up during an Indian attack but I’ll save that for another story.

So anyway, once you get your writing style down and you have good content, just how do you get found? The Internet is full of FREE avenues to shout out to. I’m sure you have thought about Tweeter, and Facebook but there are so many others. Professional sites such as LinkedIn, News sites such as DiggStumbupon, Reddit. and add links through sited such as Delicious, just to name a few of the social networks you can join and post to.

Ok then, now you have good content, and you are listed in Social Networks, how do you get found by Search Engines? Well there is the natural process, a few months down the line you might get found, if you have your tags just right, and enough people are visiting everyday, OR maybe you could stack the cards in your favor!

I’m going to say one word “PING”. When you ping your blog you are telling search engines that your there, You are inviting them to crawl your site and rank you. If you have the parts of SEO it is like a fast track to Main Street with free rent!

There really is a lot involved, and it is not an easy task, you have to be diligent and persistent, but with hard work you can get on top!

Check out my Vintage Shop on Etsy EstatesInTime, and Thank you for reading my Blog