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Taking a Good Picture and Making it Better

Best Picture Layout


Every day on Etsy someone says something about working on their pictures, but what does that all mean? Sure they need to be in focus, nothings worst than a blurry photo, or one that is too dark, or too yellow. Then, there’s the ones where the background is so busy that the product which is for sale gets lost. There’s also a lot of debate over all white backgrounds or color. Each one of these points are very important, if any of them are neglected you have a bad picture and until you have that straight nothing will make it any better.

But, what if you have a good picture? It’s in great focus, nice and bright and you can see the textures of your product popping out on the screen. Is there anything you can do to make that picture better?

Take a quick look back up at the picture on the top of this blog, don’t worry about studying it, just a quick glance. What is the first letter you noticed? The “B” right? The blue color of the letter doesn’t really pop out against the blue sky, but it’s still the first thing you noticed.

It’s what photographer’s refer to as the “Golden Mean”. Because of the way our minds are hard-wired to view images we automatically scan them in certain ways.

golden means

 We instinctively focus in the area where the blocks are smallest first, then scan the rest of the image, much in the fashion of a 9 laying on its side.

While it’s hard to imagine a complex drawing in our minds, such as the one above, when taking a picture. There is an easier way. Imagine the view finder of your camera divided into a Tic-Tac-Toe board.


Then aligning the objects of interest long the intersecting lines, with the image taking up the lower 2/3rd of the photograph.

Ratio’s also play an important part of good photography. The magic ratio number is 1.618. By dividing the largest side of a photo by the shortest side we come up with the photo’s ratio, and for some reason a picture which has the ratio of 1.618 and follows the golden means rule is more appealing to the viewer.

Below is four images of the same picture croped and resized in different ratios. Which one appeals most to you?

A photo                   B photo

C Photo                    D Photo

If you choose “D” you wouldn’t be alone, The “D” photo is sized to have the 1.618 ratio, with the two buttles aligned on the tic-tac-toe intersecting lines. This photo also has the tallest buttle aligned so that it does not extend into the upper 1/3rd of the photo.

I hope this helps you to understand ways to made a good photo better, and thank you for reading my blog.

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